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  • Static Electricity Test
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  • Research and Development

    R&D Staff: 30

    Machinery/Equipment for R&D:
    CAD, Oscilloscope, 3 G HZ Spectrum, Network Anolyzer , 3.3 G HZ Signal Generator Noise interference equipment Personal computer, Digital analyzer, Digital multimeter.

    Awards & Other Recognitions:

    FCC, CE/EMC, DTI, e13, ISO9001 / TS16949.

    Our R&D staff is committed to making the best in security devices to make your world safer and more comfortable. Not only do we work to improve the designs of our current products but we also venture into new and different product design to create new markets for the future.
    On average it takes between 1 and 6 months to develop a new product. Each year our crack team of researchers develop over 100 new products.
    Our R&D equipment is sourced locally and imported from Japan.

  • Network Analyzer
  • 3GHZ Spectrum
  • 3.3GHZ SG
  • Shelding Box Tester