SG-11 - Smartphone Garage Door Remote Control System (with WiFi module build-in)
BT-38S - Smartphone Face ID / Fingerprint Immobilizer & Keyless Entry
800-VC6 - Voice Control Immobilizer
SM300C(3G) - Smartphone Remote Control & GPS Tracker (with 2 video inputs for option camera or AVM)
VC-6 - Voice Command Wireless Relay Immobilizer
BT28S/4.0V - Smartphone Face ID / Fingerprint Immobilizer & Keyless Entry (with valet button)
2802 - Actuator - 1. High Torque : 11.0 lbs/5kgs (instant); 8.8/lbs/4.0kgs (constant) 2. Ultra Thin & Small Size Design: Only 24mm (15/16") thick, can be fit in any narrow door space. 3. Directed Clutch Design : Directed clutch to maximize the power transfer and minimize the key operation resistance, can repeat working at some direction as direct gear driving actuator. (Less than 75gs for key operation resistance after wiring. It is over 360gs key operation resistance for direct gear driving actuator). 4. Overload protected lock motor. 5. Water Resistant Boot Sealed to have good water resistance. 6. Weather Resistance reinforced engineering plastic casting. 7. Guided Shaft for smooth operation and reducing the shaft twisting. 8. Same Installation Holes as Gun-Shape Actuator : With extra installation holes for easier installation. 9. Long Travel Distance : 22mm (7/8 inch)
BT-70 - Voice Control Trunk / Hatchback Open & Close
BT-65HD / NS / MG - Smartphone Face ID/ Fingerprint/ Proximity Immobilizer
800-TX188 - Wireless Relay Immobilizer
BT-55 - Wireless Charger Immobilizer
800-FP - Wireless Fingerprint Immobilizer
BT-48HD/NS/MG - Smartphone Drunk Immobilizer
BT-26 - Bluetooth Proximity Immobilizer for motorcycle ( with anti-hijack function )
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